And one more Christmas has gone!

Sharing some of my gifts with you all!

Hey Girls, I hope you all had a safe and wonderful Christmas! Came to share with you some of the gifts I received.
Couldn’t be happier, Santa really listened to a couple of my suggestions. All my family and friends were very generous in offering me things they knew I would love and of course more than anything they gave me once more the opportunity to share a special time with them.
After all that’s what’s Christmas is about right? Being together, healthy and happy with the ones we love.
More important than material things are the things we can’t touch physically but that we can feel in our hearts. I think we all wish that. But I admit I love to get presents, and I look like a child when I see something I really wished for! I think it’s not a sin right?
So let me show you my wonderful gifts and let me know which your favorite was from the ones you got.



  1. Também tenho esses botins da Bimba e Lola :D (troquei uma prenda por eles :p)

  2. Que prendinhas tão boas! :) estive para comprar a última mala, da zara, é tão gira!! :)