Hot or not?

A compilation of celebrities see-through dresses


I was looking at the pictures of the Thor movie première and all I could think about was the dress Jaimie Alexander wore. If you don’t know what I am talking about no worries because you can look above, it’s the first girl in the picture number

Then I decided to make a compilation of some celebrity dresses where you can see more skin than fabric. Maybe this entire trend has started with Cher, or not, the thing is sometimes don’t you think is too much?


Which ones are hot and which ones are NOT? Let me know!

                                     NOT                                                                  HOT

                                        NOT                                                                  NOT

                                        HOT                                                               HOT

                                        HOT                                                                 NOT

                                        HOT                                                               HOT
                                          NOT                                                               NOT

                                        NOT                                                                 NOT 

                                  HOT                                                                       NOT



  1. Não é muito a minha onda!
    Alguns vestidos até são bonitos, mas ficariam ainda mais se a transparência fosse menos acentuada :) (digo eu!)

  2. Awesome post well done I agree with all the not.

  3. Para mim são quase todas not, acho que é mesmo too much, poucas conseguem 'segurar'!