Ripped jeans

You can buy it like this or you can pick some old jeans you have in your closet and just rip it yourself. The trend this year is that we need to have at least one pair of ripped jeans!

I was a little bit undecided because in one hand I think spending money in a garment that is damage is a little bit too much but in other hand I don’t really have old jeans that I don’t mind to rip even if it’s just to make a test.

So I´m going to buy a pair that is already ripped off, I think it’s worth the investment, after all is so trendy right now and I don’t have to be worried about doing something and then be pissed with myself J
There are plenty of nice and cool jeans, take a look at some of my choices.



  1. I love ripped skinny jeans! Looks like I am going to H&M and purchasing those pants.


    1. yep i think iwill buy those ones too! hugs!!