MTV Music Videos Awards 2013: ugly choices

The bad taste ruled in the MTV Music Awards this year. I don’t know what happened with these people, did everyone fire their stylists?

Some more expected than others (I think no one expects to see Kesha with a nice looking outfit) the truth is not even Kylie Minogue with that gorgeous body of hers showed up looking good.
It’s a funny event where normally celebrities can have more fun with their looks but this is a little too much don’t you agree?


- Hayley Williams is known for her punk style but this is looking like a clown, everything from the hair to the boots is looking horrible. Kesha, well she is known for always looking bad and it’s just one more day in her life anyways.

- I don’t know who these two people are and after looking at these pictures I don’t really want to know.

- Chloe Moretz is super cute but I think she was going to Coachella and at the last minute changed her mind. It’s a cute dress but not for this event.  
The other girl dress though is so ugly I can’t even understand ifs its only one piece dress or if she has a kind of jacket… yuck!


- I can’t believe it’s Kylie Minogue in this picture! What is happening to this diva? She looks old, the makeup is not flattering her and not the dress either.
Selena is one of the prettiest girls on the business but she looks like she is going to the cha cha cha competition. Don’t like the dress and the hair, she should embrace her youth and have some fun.

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  1. Ohh a Hayley Williams surpreendeu bastante, com um estilo tão distinto como foi ela capaz de usar aquilo?!? A terceira é a pior para mim, nem vale a pena comentar, simplesmente horrivel! :o