Givenchy Lucrezia Bag

There is something mystical about the attraction that bags cause in women. It is more than a statement, vanity or a fashion trend, is something that comes from generations to generations and puts some of these bags as symbols of eternal desire.

Years pass and brands renew their stock with new ideas, materials, but never abandoning the style of each model. I usually love the renovations but I also agree they should keep the original lines and be faithful to original model.

This is the case of the Lucrezia bag from Givenchy. It’s a bag we can use forever, it’s a symbol of elegance and fashion sense. The celebrities love it and as you can see in the pictures most of them have the black one.
I honestly would be happy with any of the colors J


  1. Love this bag!
    Here is my blog (just a begginer), we share some passions I guess ;)

  2. Wowwww very cool!!! Many kiss from Andalucía

  3. oh I want one of this amazing bags!!!

  4. This bag surely looks like a great investment! Beautiful, elegant, versatile, and more than everything, eternal!
    Thanks for your visit, I'm totally loving your posts, and now following you on bloglovin.