Espadrilles – Make your choice from €9.39 to €485

I made my mind! This year I will buy Espadrilles!

Last year I saw my friends buying espadrilles for them or for their boyfriends, and I was very tempted to buy me a pair (wouldn’t buy for him cause he wouldn’t definitely wear it
J ) but I reached the end of the season without buying any.

At that time I thought “next year I will buy a pair to go to the beach” but this year I have decided that yes I will buy espadrilles but for day-to-day!

My dream ones are the Chanel but I believe I won’t spend around 500 dollars no matter how cool it is, no way José! Stores are full of espadrilles, at great prices and prints.

Nevertheless here are some ideas from €9.39 to €485.



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