Katy Perry – “Me so corny!”

Check some of the singer´s ugliest outfits! But at the end the proof she can do it good too!


I’m not a fan but I do like some of her songs. She is a good singer even though her tone sometimes gets a little irritating. Anyway this post is not about her music talent but about the way she presents herself, fashion wise!


This girl has a gift for bad taste. I don’t know if it’s on purpose or if she really likes her choices, even though I honestly think it’s such a pity for a beautiful woman like her having a horrible fashion.


Something no one can deny is that she has a crush in dresses that look like were made for skating competitions. Oh and of course she loves to dye her hair to match their outfits (how horrible). Anyway check some of those corny outfits but also at the end see the proof that she can sometimes be beautiful and have good wardrobe choices.


OH SHE CAN!! ... get nice and pretty dresses 





  1. She really does get into her character but when she wants to show her fashion sense you looks gorgeous.

  2. I think she's so beautiful that I forgive her for the bad choices (kinda) haha

  3. I love her, she's always beautiful! :)

  4. I like her! She has a lot of charisma


  5. I feel the same way about her, she seems like she has a great, fun personality but I'm not in love with her voice and music. I know what you mean about the skating dress thang! x


  6. Holaaa!!
    aaiixxx esta chica vaya como vaya está perfecta que gran suerte!!

    un besito enorme y FELIZ VIERNES

  7. adoro o vestido cor de pele, parece transparente que ela tem

    Taras e Manias


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