Tuck your hair with your clothes

Is your hair long and sometimes you don’t know what to do with it? Some designers have thought about that problem of yours and tried to solve it. How? By making outfits where that little detail was not forgotten.

Take a look at these three suggestions from top designers such as Karl Laggerfeld, Alexander Wang and Martin Margiela.
Me, I think I still prefer the classic pony tail though lol

Chanel used chain necklaces not only as an accessory for the neck but also to hold the hair.  

Alexander Wang opted for a beanie sweater with a hole where you can let the pony tail out. This one cracks me up! LOL

Maison Martin Margiela created coats with have built-in pony tail holders. To me the most creative idea of all. 



  1. I prefer the classic pony or bun too. This seems a tad awkward no? I have long hair and it annoys me when it gets caught under my necklace etc, so this would not fly with me! :P xo

  2. great post ! i really like it <3
    new post on my blog <3

  3. Acho a tendência um bocadinho creppy mas é possível que pegue. ;)

  4. Honestly... I don´t like very much this trend...


  5. Kind of a cool concept for a windy day.



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